For candidates

We Care, share and dare


We take care of you and aim to provide you with personal development in the wake of the process.


We share our experience, competencies and knowledge with you to provide you with the best possible base for making your decision.


We dare be honest and challenge you, in order to provoke thoughts, that otherwise would not appear.

Making great decisions in a relatively short time demands honest and close sparring


When you as a candidate get contacted by us concerning a position, we are fully aware that we place you in a situation, where you have to make a large decision in a relatively short amount of time. We will do our outmost, to make you feel safe in the process and make the right decision. Whether it ends up in a job change or not is not decisive. What is decisive is that the decision is properly considered and right for you. We support you with an open and honest dialog. We are your sparring partner and wish to get to know you, your motivation factors, plans and dreams. That way, we can help you on.

Kandidater headhunting

Do you contemplate changing jobs – give us a hint!

Are you now or, will soon be, contemplating changing to a position as board member, executive, leader or specialist we would like to hear from you.

Executive Outplacement

With Executive Outplacement we help you on with your career. We follow you until you are off to a good start with a new, exciting job, or tailor a programme especially for your needs.