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Free development of boards

Do you have doubts on whether you are served best by having a board or not? Do you already have a board without profiting satisfactorily from it?

Get a free development plan from one of our specialists in board composition. We will send a questionnaire to you as owner-leader or chairman of the board. Subsequently we will prepare and conduct a meeting with you and prepare a development plan for your board. Short, efficient and free!

Should we help you find the perfect employee?

Prepared for the resignation of your key employee?

here are many ways, in which to replace the best talents. Executive Search, headhunting, selection, advertising, choice of job sites, candidates amongst unsolicited applicants etc. The need for external assistance differs depending on job profile, the HR competence of your organisation etc. The consequences can be large, if a wrong recruitment form is chosen. A protracted recruitment process with large internal costs, failed recruitments or too steep recruitment costs.

Get a non-binding sparring on recruitment forms adapted for your company.