We have a large network and experience in headhunting of profiles in a wide variety of industrial sectors.

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Accomplished assignments

Presented is a selection of the headhunters’ completed assignments:

General Manager, CEO, Strategic Purchaser, Quality Manager, Logistics Manager, Development Engineer, Sales Consultant, Sales Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Process Engineer, Key Account Manager, Department Leader, Project Manager, Construction Engineer, Machine Engineer, Production Manager, Operations Engineer, Sales Coordinator, Commercial Executive, Construction Manager.

The safest way to the best match on the market

Our concept is developed to secure the best match on the market. It is impossible to find the right leader, if it is uncertain who is to be led, and it is likewise impossible to guarantee a great collaboration with the other leaders, if these are unknown. A possibility is therefore to choose our organisational analysis of a department or board of directors.

The Executive Search process can be put together of the following:

• Organisational analysis
• 360 degree person profile analysis
• Employer/employee analysis
• Search profile
• Search
• Selection
• Contract
• Onboarding

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