Professional assistance to choosing the right employees

The professional way to the best applicant

Most leaders have tried recruiting employees, and many have tried making mistake hirings.
People are different, the daily work is miles away from 1-hour job interviews, leaders do not have recruitment as their core competence, candidates do not ask all the relevant questions they should etc. There can be a number of reasons for wrong decisions

Get safely through a recruitment process with our help. We adjust to the need with control from start to finish, or as assessment centre or maybe just as participants with second opinions at the meetings.

With Selection, you get professional assistance to secure the best candidate amongst the applicants.

Choosing the right person

Most leaders have tried hiring the wrong people

Analyses show that the cost of an erroneous recruitment is approximately 600,000 DKR when hiring the wrong specialist – an amount that can be considerably higher by erroneous recruitment of leaders.

Firstly, the lacking performance costs. Secondly, it costs leader energy to help and support, dismissal costs as well as a new recruitment. Thirdly, there is the cost of lacking performance again, until the new leader or specialist is up to speed with the job.

It is good business to perform good quality control, so that the right person is chosen.

With Selection, we make sure that you have professional assistance in the picking of applicants

The effective way of dealing with a large number of applicants

With Selection, we find the candidate among the received applications – i.e. without active, investigating headhunting. We agree on the advertisements individually from case to case and perform quality control via tests etc. to make sure that the best candidate amongst the applicants is chosen.

The Selection process can be put together by the following

• Organisational analysis
• 360 degree person profile analysis
• Employer/employee analysis
• Search profile
• Advertisement
• Selection
• Contract
• Onboarding

Call or write us for a non-binding meeting on the possibilities of a large number of applicants.

Should we help you find the perfect employee?

Tailored Search


We tailor all our assignments especially for your company according to which competencies and resources are available. Our value chain consists of the subprocesses organisational analysis, search profile, search, selection, contract, onboarding, organisation and leader development and leader change.

We adjust our involvement in every subprocess after your needs. In that way we insure the best solution with the lowest costs.