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Passion for talent

To find the best people is our passion. Not everyone knows their talent. It has to be found.

Not all settings or environments provide possibility for development. They must be found.

Our goal is to facilitate as much talent as possible, placed in the best settings of development in the company.

Because these matches undeniably are the biggest motivating forces for developing companies and people.

Ulrik Bo Andersen

Headhunter & CEO

mobile + 45 31 33 82 21

mail [email protected]

Ulrik Bo Andersen has since 2005 worked as headhunter and manager in an international headhunting company.

He has completed several hundred headhunting operations of everything from specialists to CEOs and board members.

In addition, he has trained a number of headhunters and developed and implemented search methods, quality systems and headhunting services.

Martin Ingwersen

Headhunter & Founder

mobile + 45 31 47 45 34

mail [email protected]

Martin Ingwersen has since 2008 worked as a headhunter and manager of an international headhunting company.

He has worked internationally with the establishing of headhunting companies in Europe and Asia and has himself completed several hundred headhunting operations of everything from specialist to CEOs and board members.

Martin Ingwersen is also a board member in a number of companies.

Claus Tolstrup Nielsen

Founder & Chairman

mobile + 45 29 28 14 36

mail [email protected]

Claus Tolstrup Nielsen has 12 years of experience from headhunting companies.

Since 2007, he has run his own headhunting company and before that, he was headhunter and manager in an international company in the trade.

Claus is not active as headhunter but has assigned his headhunting activities to expuri where he is a board member.