Executive Onboarding

Get safely through the first 100 days

Executive Onboarding

Even experienced leaders do not have the necessary routine in job change. There is a need to show vigour, but at the same time humility towards the existing organisation. There is a need to exercise leadership, through middle managers that are unknown to one.

How does the communication in the organisation work, and how is trust created among employees and stakeholders?

The new leader will meet many challenges and time is a critical factor.

Get safely through the first 100 days of fog with our Executive Onboarding programme.

Free Onboarding plan for your new manager

Do you have doubts on how to best introduce your new manager to your company the first 100 days?

Receive a free plan from one of our specialists in Onboarding. Book a meeting with us, and then we will go over your company’s situation, the requirements of the position, success criteria etc. Then we will devise a plan for the first 100 days.

Short, efficient and free!

Get safely through the fog of the first 100 days

Executive Onboarding creates the necessary frame for success, when a candidate starts in a leader position, whether the recruitment has been internal or external.

Executive Onboarding is a running process to assure swift result creation and satisfaction for all parties. With Executive Onboarding the new leader will have a professional sparring partner for the first 3 months of the employment.

expuri tailors Onboarding with professional sparring:

• A plan for the first 100 days
• Composition of the leader team
• Personal Due Diligence
• Challenges and results
• Communication
• Measurement of cooperation in the leader team
• 360 degree evaluation

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Tailored Search


We tailor all our assignments especially for your company according to which competencies and resources are available. Our value chain consists of the subprocesses organisational analysis, search profile, search, selection, contract, onboarding, organisation and leader development and leader change.

We adjust our involvement in every subprocess after your needs. In that way we insure the best solution with the lowest costs.